Here are some answers to commonly asked questions. If yours is not on the list, I am always happy to help. Contact me

Where is the pattern I bought?

After completing your purchase, you should receive an emailed receipt with the download link within 20 minutes. If not, please check your spam/junk mail because it is probably in there. If you can’t find it, please email me at and I will help you get it as soon as I can.

Why is my pattern printing too small? 

Because my patterns are designed for both U.S. letter and A4 paper, the designs go off the margins of the pages on tiled images. This is not a problem, however whatever program you are printing from will likely try to resize the pattern to fit on the page. If you are printing through Adobe reader, make sure the "Print Actual Size" box is checked, if you are printing with preview on a mac, make sure the scale box says "100%" You can double check the printed pattern by measuring the print guides on the printed paper.


Where do you get your foam?

I actually find a lot of my foam in garage sales and thrift stores. It's always worth a look. Other than that, you can have a look an my supplies page to see a list of similar products to what I use. These are Amazon affiliate links and any purchases you make help me out a little. 


My head is too big/small for your pattern.

First have a look to make sure the pattern isn't being scaled down by your computer. If there isn't a size that fits you, I would love to know. I am always editing and revising my patterns and the only way to know what I need to adjust is through your feedback. 


Can I sell the costumes I made from your patterns?

Go for it! You can definitely sell the finished product wherever you would like. I would ask that you don't distribute the patterns or derivatives of them though. But you wouldn't do that anyways, I'm sure. 


Can I use contact cement/can I use hot glue?

They both do the job, but each has it's pros and cons. I will make a video detailing this in the future, but basically contact cement is more permanent but more toxic, and hot glue has a slightly less strong bond, but is less toxic. Both can be amazing, so I recommend to start with whatever you have. 


Will you make me an actual costume and mail it to me?

Probably not, I have more patterns to make than I have time right now. Unless of course you are super famous and want to use one of my props on some crazy amazing movie or something. Then I might. However if there is something you would like me to make a pattern for so you can make it yourself, let me know. I have made some patterns just because one person asked really nicely.