Pattern Examples

Are Lost Wax patterns scaleable? Apparently so.

I never expected my steampunk top hat to get this big!

I recently received an email from Steve sharing his creation made from a scaled up version of my flared top hat pattern:

Hi Chris, we recently used your pattern to make a rather large version of the top hat for a xmas float parade. our version was made out of thick corrugated cardboard. very hard to work with but it was a big hit with the crowds. very impressed with your pattern as we weren't sure out it would work when blown up to epic proportions but it worked a treat.

So impressive! Thanks for sharing this Steve!


Dozens of Mini Hats

I recently received an email from Terri who has used many of my patterns to make some incredible creations! Take a look at some of her mini top hats:

She also modified the mechanical arm pattern to make a bracer and pauldrons…

steampunk hat and bracer

Thanks for sharing this Terri! You can find more of her work on her Facebook page.