Costume inspiration

Dozens of Mini Hats

I recently received an email from Terri who has used many of my patterns to make some incredible creations! Take a look at some of her mini top hats:

She also modified the mechanical arm pattern to make a bracer and pauldrons…

steampunk hat and bracer

Thanks for sharing this Terri! You can find more of her work on her Facebook page.

Hiding in plain sight...

What do you do when you need to take a cover photo for your band, but your drummer is a bit camera shy? Throw a diving helmet on his head and carry on. At least that's what UK band Steamchicken did for their latest album. Of course, if you've ever been in the market for a real dive helmet, you already know they are pretty pricey, so with some sweet crafty moves and my dive helmet pattern one of the band members was able to make the foam dive helmet shown below and save the day! Nice. 

So the next time your ears are crying out for their folk-funk-jazz fix, Steamchicken might be able to help you out! You can check out their Facebook page to find out more about them and their music.