Making the World a Better Place, One Hat at a Time.

"I make foam hat patterns for a living."

When I say this, more often than not, it makes me feel a bit ridiculous, and I often stop and ask myself if this little thing I do, surrounded in bits of foam and glue, actually makes the world a better place. That's why I love it when I get an email from someone, who, in whatever little way, has had their life enriched by my random foam projects

The other day, I got one of those emails, and it really touched me, so I asked if I could share it here on my blog. So, many thanks to Gautier and his beautiful wife for allowing me to share their story. Here's the email: 

Hi Chris,
You probably don’t know me, and I don’t know if you read the messages on this e-mail but I want to thank you.
In order to do that, I have to tell you a little bit about me. Not too much though, so bear with me a little bit (edit after writing the mail : That is much... sorry about the length of this email).

A few days ago, March 19th, was my first wedding anniversary.
Two years ago, my then future wife gave me carte blanche for my costume, and if it means the same thing in english as in french, I was permitted to choose entirely my wedding outfit without her having a saying in this.
I was even permitted to keep my outfit as a secret until we meet at the altar.

My dream came true.
I wanted a steampunk-like costume, or my idea of what steampunk is.

My problem was that I’m a very heavy person with a big body and a big head. I had a hard time finding someone to make a costume my size (in my range of price), and I was simply unable to find someone with a hat that I liked in my size.

One day, I found you. I found your video about the foam hat, the tall one. After days of thinking (do I wanna wear a “false” hat at my wedding, will I be able to make it right and beautiful, will it show that it’s made out of foam?) I finally decided to act.
I bought your pattern, and I spent the weekend on it with my mother who helped me.
That was not the easiest task. Your pattern was lacking one size and the biggest size seemed a little off compared with the others. (I think you updated that some months later).
So I drew it, measuring your patterns, comparing the differences between the sizes and making the same thing to make one more size.
I wouldn’t have had the courage and the confidence to do all that if I didn’t see all your videos on all your projects, where you make that seem so easy. Well... it’s not that easy for me, but because of you, I succeeded.

That gave me confidence for my project of costume and I could manage it pretty well in my opinion.

Your were, for me, a big part of my wedding’s success, and I never took the time to thank you. So there it is: Thank you.

The hat was a big success, everyone was amazed by it and mindblown when I proudly told them afterwards I made it myself, with foam.

Thank you again.


I just love it so much when people are able to create something they can be proud of, especially in our society of mass produced, throw away goods. 

Thanks again, Gautier for sharing with me, and I wish you and your wife all the best!! 

(and yes, the pattern has been updated to fit larger sizes, so hopefully no one else will need to resize the pattern to fit their heads!)