Another Good Reason To Live in Canada

Just wanted to let you know how awesome this pattern is! We purchased it and used the it to make 4 helmets and shields for a winter canoe race in Kenora , Ontario we just participated in. They were a big hit with the crowd and stood up well to the elements and rigor of a race. I think they helped us channel our inner Vikings because we WON! Thanks soooo much!

I noticed this comment on Youtube the other day, and I couldn't help but be intrigued. Kenora is not that far from where I live and I couldn't imagine there being any non frozen bodies of water to go canoe racing in the middle of winter. So I asked for more details, and this is what I learned about winter canoe races….

They use a fan boat to brake up the ice. The race consists of a short sprint sliding your canoe along the ice, then when you reach the open water, hopping into the canoe and paddling out about 2 kilometers to a marker and back. Finally, back out of the water and ontothe ice for a sprint to the finish line. The trick is not to fall in the ice cold water! 

So, there you have it, the next time it is cold and snowy outside, and you are looking for something to do, grab a canoe and some mates and head out onto a frozen lake.  And if you’d like to channel your inner viking, use one of my viking helmet patterns.  

Just don't fall in.  

Big thanks to Adrianne for sending these pics in to me, it turns out she is not only a winter viking canoe racer, but also creates some really amazing recycled glass art. If you like one of a kind awesome things created by skilled hands, you should go and check out her Etsy shop. Here are a couple examples of her work. Sweet.