The Best Laid PLans

Life sometimes changes without your consent, and when it does, it happens pretty fast. 

Four days ago I was feeling pretty happy with myself for making a funny youtube video, and happily planning a nice little weekend camping trip with some friends.  

Today as I type this, I sit beside the bed of my 6 year old son in the oncology(cancer) ward in the children's hospital in Brisbane. He has been diagnosed with leukaemia, not the result we were expecting when we took him in to the local doctor complaining about a sore leg. Turns out that sore leg was his bone marrow churning out leukaemia cells, building up pressure inside the bone. 

Although the news was shocking and destabilising, we have been so blessed by the community of people we have around us for support. People have poured out both emotional and tangible support in so many ways, we have been overwhelmed. 

So, I guess this post is really just to let you know that if you are trying to contact me for a jewelry order or something else, it may take me quite a bit of extra time to be in touch with you.  

Thanks for your understanding,