Using Rub N' Buff On A Sparkly Blue Makeup Case

Hey hey, today I finished the little video tutorial I made on Friday. First one ever, and I think it went pretty good for a first try. I took a kids makeup box and used Rub N' Buff on it to try and give it an aged, kinda steampunky look. 

It is the first time I have used the Rub N' Buff on a fairly flat surface, and just as I thought, it was tricky to get a convincing aged metallic look.  I think maybe if I could layer some different shades of  gold it might start to give it some depth. Looks like I have some experimenting to do.  The main key I found with the Rub N' Buff was to apply it quite dry, because I want some of the background black to show through.

Anyways, this box will look good enough to be in the background of a photo or something like that. Right now I have already put it to use as a box for carrying my camera lenses around. Perfect.

Oh, yeah, and next time I will try to get the camera in focus before I start recording:)