You rock, Dragonfly.

Hey, I have had this dragonfly thing in my mind for a long time now. Here's a sketch that has been sitting in my sketchbook since the very start of my clockwork jewelry journey. I never could quite get my head around how exactly to make the thing though.

Well, I finally gave it a crack and am very happy with the results. After a week of figuring, riveting, soldering, and almost swearing, and 141 seperate bits of copper and brass all assembled together, I have got something awesome!   A super sweet clockwork propeller driven bug. First thing my 4 year old son said when he saw it was "dad, fly it around the house!" To be quite honest, I was more than happy to oblige him, in fact I can hardly stop flying it around, it just feels so good.  And when you blow on the prop, it spins. Can you get better than that?

For more photos, have a look on my photo gallery.