Tutorials: Learn Something Useful.

I seem to spend a lot of my time making stuff. When I am really on the ball I even take pictures and make little videos to help other people make some great stuff. Make sure you check here every once in a while, because I have got some really fun projects coming up. 


Make your next steampunk costume out of EVA Foam! This shoulder armor tutorial, combined with the templates will help you create an amazing cosplay that looks like you just came off a movie set. Even if you are not into steampunk, the base armor pattern provides an excellent starting point for other costume ideas as well.

I show you how to make an arm bracer from foam that can be easily formed to the size of your arm without needing straps, buckles or expensive thermoplastics! Arm bracers are a part of many superhero cosplays, steampunk costumes and historical armour.

In this video I am going to show you how to make a DIY Steampunk Top Hat out of an old camping mat and some craft foam. You can make your own top hat quickly and easily by following along at home.

You can get the pattern here.

Make your own costume gas mask for cheap from foam. In this video I will show you how to use my pattern to make a steampunk gas mask. You can use the pattern to create other styles of gas masks as well. You can buy the pattern at my Pattern Shop

Want to fly an airship, but don't have an aviator hat?? Here's a tutorial for a quick and easy flight hat made from craft foam. It is easily customisable if you want to go crazy steampunk on it as well.

You can get the pattern here.

In this video I take the craft foam flight hat I made in a previous video and make it a bit more steampunk. It is ridiculous how quick and easy it is to make costumes out of foam, and they look fantastic!

How to make a lace filigree mask from hot glue! Here's a really easy way to make a pretty fantastic looking mask for your next masquerade.

Get the patterns here.

Planning to train your dragon? Or perhaps embark on an epic voyage in your longship? Well, this DIY helmet pattern will help you look the part.

Transform a boring old EVA foam mat into a magical deep sea diving helmet! 

You can get the pattern here

In this video I show you how to make a plague doctor mask from foam. You can make it steampunk like I did, or just leave it nice and plain. You can get the pattern Here.

 Here's a little accessory no steampunk adventurer should leave home without. A jetpack. Now you can make your own, with my pattern, a little patience and a lot of foam.

How to make your own sleek and stylish cat mask. Get the pattern Here

How to transform an ordinary lampshade into a steampunk masterpiece! In this DIY I take an abandoned lampshade and give it a new life. 

How to make a steampunk top hat

How to make a steampunk top hat

Want to learn how to make your own steampunk gauntlet/mechanical arm for a super sweet costume? These tutorials will show you how you can make one out of fairly cheap materials like foam and hot glue.

Pattern available in my shop.

In this video I will show you how to make your own steampunk goggles that are inexpensive, yet will stand out in the sea of brass painted welding goggles. 

You can get the pattern here.

Do you want to learn how to make your own mini top hat/ fascinator? One that looks awesome, instead of......homemade? With 2 sheets of craft foam, you are well on your way...

Get the pattern here.

In this video I am going to show you a neat way to make your craft foam look more like leather. Grab an old iron and some aluminium foil and you're off!

Make your own astronaut helmet. Perfect for space theme birthday parties, halloween costumes, Lego Spacemen, and adventures of all kinds. 

Get the pattern here.

Protect yourself with this super sweet foam shield. 

You can get the pattern here

Here's a great little project for converting a long coat into a pirate coat. This would also be a great navy officer coat, or even a base for some sweet steampunk fashion. 

Want to make your own Jack Sparrow hat, or perhaps you want to be an officer in the navy. Either way, this pattern has got you covered. 

Steampunk Gas mask. All you need for the apocalypse. Get the pattern here.

Well, just in case you were short of sweet steampunky Christmas tree decorations, here's one to fill that empty spot on the tree. Buy the pattern Here.

In this video, I show how I made a simple coat rack with a bunch of pipe fittings I got at my local hardware store. 

Attach two pieces of foam together with a rivet that lets them swivel. Great for foam armour cosplay projects or anything that needs an unobtrusive pivot point.

Homemade waistcoat for $7

Homemade waistcoat for $7