Squarespace- the best 8 bucks I spent this week

I have a new website!

You are looking at it right now, and I am a happy man.

I finally bit the bullet, and dropped some of my hard earned cash on a website/blogging platform that is going to make my life a whole lot easier this year (fingers crossed)

Until now i have been using a Wordpress site. Free, customizable, awesome, why would i ever want to change?

Here's why I did it.

I never seemed to find the time to do those pesky security update thingys.
Squarespace takes care of all of that silliness.

I really wanted a website that showed some of my images full screen width.
Happily, the main page of the "Frontrow" template has a full screen slideshow.- nice- no more bars on the side of my images.

Uploading photos is ridiculously easy. Just drag and drop. And Squarespace will resize them depending on what size screen they are being viewed on.

Sometimes fewer options is better.
I think it took me weeks to put up my Wordpress site, because I kept trying to change stuff, but the Squarespace templates look great, and I was able to get my site looking reasonably good in a day. It all just seems to make sense without knowing any of that code stuff.

So I reckon if 8 bucks a month is going to get me to post more often, with less hassles, it is worth it.

Now we'll see if I actually do.........

On a related note, it was my brother in law and computer guru who put me onto Squarespace. If you are keen to try it out, click through his website, it'll help him out a bit.