Treat me nice and I'll be your friend forever

To be honest, as a Canadian living in Australia, one thing I have noticed quite often is the frequent lack of customer service and support. Not a big deal, I have become used to it in general, which I guess is why I was so pleasantly surprised the other day. I had ordered a Paragon kiln from a company I found online called Metal Clay, the kiln was shipped from the manufacturer and arrived at my doorstep. Only one problem, it didn't heat. And that's what kilns are supposed to do.... Lame.

So I called up Metal Clay, and talked with a wonderful lady, Jennifer, who assured me that they would get the problem sorted Asap, and she did, staying up until late in the night so that she could call through to the U.S. based manufacturing plant and hopefully get the problem sorted before the weekend. The next morning I got an email from the manufacturers, giving some instruction as to what might be the problem, and in an hour, I had it fixed and running. Funny, as I write this it doesn't really sound like a big deal, but to me it was, just to be treated like a real person, who was probably a bit disappointed in receiving a dud product. So, for that little bit of time invested, Jennifer has got me as a customer if I need anything that she carries in the future. And If anyone out there is looking for a kiln, MetalClay seems to have the best prices on Paragon kilns in Australia. And good customer service to boot. Sweet.