Anti Fatigue EVA Mat (6mm thick)


I have not tried this mat, but it looks like the closest thing to the mat I used for the Dive Helmet and the Viking Helmet available in the U.S.A. Comes in a nice 4 x 8 foot sheet.

This is a great product that I love to use.  You can buy it here.


Stansport Pack-Lite Pad72x19x3/8 inch (Amazon Affiliate Link) 

I have never actually used this one but it seems to be the closest thing I can find to what I have been using in Australia. and it's under $10

8 1/2 x 11 Inch 2mm thick craft foam sheets 

similar to the ones I use.


Glue Seams.jpg

Glue Gun

This is the awesome glue gun I use .  Did this using image and card layout

Jewellers saw.jpg

Jeweller's Saw

Buy an awesome saw from a handsome man.  Really, it's so worth it.  Here's the link.