Who am I?


First things first.  I am very blessed to have a beautiful, loving wife and hilarious son. These are the things that make life worth living and I wouldn't trade them for a treasure chest full of gold and diamonds.

I love to make things. It doesn't really matter what it is, I get such satisfaction taking raw materials and creating something either useful or beautiful from them. 

I am cheap. Yep, it is true, I can't stand spending money on things that I could make myself. I am somewhat thankful for this trait, as it has pushed me into learning so many different techniques and materials of manufacturing. However, I must give this warning- Going to the rubbish tip to get a new vacuum cleaner isn't always the best for your marriage.....

I make mistakes. More often than I would like. However, I value my relationship with my customers and would like to hear from you if there is something I can do to improve my service.

I have grey hair. I am O.K. with that. Just glad I still have hair.

I love toast. Especially with peanut butter. I could honestly eat it for every meal if it was revealed that toast with peanut butter and jam was a complete meal with all required nutrients for life.



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